More and more, the performance and profitability of a building is directly related to the efficiencies of a comprehensive building automation system (BAS).

Exacting control of LED lighting systems. Occupancy sensors for lighting and climate control. Monitoring/alerts for device failures and imminent malfunctions. System-wide submetering to allocate energy usage among tenants. These are all factors that greatly reduce costs and enhance profitability for building owners.

Robust communications for monitoring and control.
With no new wires.

With a BER of 1 x 10-9, an easily integrated Adaptive Networks powerline solution becomes the heart of a distributed control system that drives the BAS core functionality. Our bidirectional solutions provide multipoint networks with continuous reliable communications to every node and compatibility with standard protocols.

Additionally, Adaptive solutions for building automation provide the wide bandwidth and fast response times required for condition monitoring and heterogenous control of a diverse set of industrial devices — with the ability to support large node populations required by large-scale commercial and industrial infrastructures.