As the evolution of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) becomes more complex, the embedded intelligence of smart grid deployments is moving further downstream. The rise of distributed generation (DG) calls for the long-distance management and coordination of a variety of distributed energy resources (DERs) for solar farms, wind farms, biomass generators and the like.

Advanced grid-proven communications. With no new wires.

Leveraging our decades of experience with powerline-driven communications, monitoring and control, Adaptive Networks offers robust integrated solutions that relay critical data to the smart grid's distributed control system (DCS) to support automated meter management and submetering, and to optimize system performance under changing conditions. These solutions are designed to provide savings for the Independent Power Producer (IPP) along with reduced total cost of ownership for the host utility.

Suitable for medium voltage (MV) applications up to 36 kVAC (36,000 VAC), Adaptive's MV couplers effectively monitor the condition of MV transformers — enhancing the processes of demand-side and load management, while helping to guard against power outages across the system.

To meet the demands of our electric utility customers for the operation of their electrical grids, we needed a powerline carrier (PLC) solution with 100% reliability. This is extraordinarily challenging and difficult to implement in the harsh communications environment presented by medium voltage (MV) distribution powerlines.

After extensive investigation and testing, we determined that only the MV powerline modem (PLM) and MV capacitive coupler from Adaptive Networks could enable us to meet this essential requirement of reliable continuous powerline communications. They worked closely with us to craft a PLC solution with continuous reliability, robust data throughput — and faster response times.

As a result, we are now successfully supplying our utility customers with a new system solution for grid connectivity of distributed generation facilities that is both cost-effective and easy to deploy. Adaptive's expertise has been invaluable in the development of this Distributed Generation Transfer Trip Protection (DG-TTP) solution — from product definition and deployment to ongoing support.

Nachum Sadan
President & CEO
GridEdge Networks

Headquartered in Littleton, MA, GridEdge Networks is a leading developer and provider of advanced smart grid communications solutions for electric utilities and independent power producers. The company's innovative systems significantly reduce costs and simplify installation, while enabling deployment of grid protection and monitoring applications that leverage existing infrastructure and utility assets.