As the nature and scope of offshore production activities continues to expand, so does the scope of deepwater environmental monitoring. Energy production in general, for alternative methods such as wind farms, is also increasingly moving offshore.

At Adaptive Networks, our field-proven powerline communication solutions empower deepwater reservoir imaging and data collection/recovery — to monitor the state of marine life, habitats, ecosystems and seawater composition.

A pioneer in the field of remote condition monitoring.

The creation of deepwater data collection networks was a natural outgrowth of the remote condition monitoring expertise we've gained and honed in industries such as deepsea oil & gas production and mining. Adaptive has the ability to optimize powerline-driven networks to meet the requirements of specific applications using our low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) products. These networks enable the collection of accurate deepwater data without the need to stop the vessel.

Valuable applications for our technology include the control of underwater unmanned systems — which can be managed without the requirement of on-deck personnel — along with underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Specific communications features we offer include umbilical networks and bidirectional topside-to-subsea solutions.