The factory of the future has long been a machine-based vision of automation. But as concepts such as Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are taking shape, communications and networked intelligence are playing a greater role in the evolution of industrial automation than anyone imagined.

In a macro sense, the network is becoming the machine. As a result, communications technology is increasingly called on to provide a high level of support for automated processes, hierarchical control and diagnosis, and remote management of industrial operations that are becoming increasingly decentralized.

Adaptable automation strategies. With no new wires.

Leveraging our decades of experience with robust powerline-driven communications, data acquisition, sensing and control, Adaptive Networks is uniquely poised to provide solutions that form the requisite connective link for today's smart devices and adaptive systems.

Exhibiting a BER of 1 x 10-9, despite the challenges of severe communications impairments such as noise and signal attenuation in today's industrial environments, Adaptive's integrated SCADA solutions include the transmission of data over electrified rails — replacing dangerous, high-maintenance festoon communication systems that require frequent worker attention.

Specific applications we offer include manufacturing strategies/systems for the automotive, aerospace, food processing and heavy machinery industries — including solutions for automated logistics, material handling and process control — along with redundant broadband and narrowband networks for added assurance.