The shipboard challenges of monitoring perishable goods are many. These goods include seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. For insurance liability purposes, real-time temperature logs are needed to verify the continuous maintenance of cargo at the proper temperatures. Exacting temperature maintenance is also needed to avoid degradation and/or risk of flammability for chemicals being transported. Precise monitoring can also help to troubleshoot and correct potential issues or malfunctions with individual refrigerated containers (reefers).

The proven and robust solution
that created the ISO Standard.

Running dedicated wire from refrigerated containers back to the bridge of the ship was problematic at best. Adaptive Networks developed a robust and durable powerline communications solution, along with the ISO Standard. This standardized solution continues to serve industry leaders to this day including Thermo King, Carrier Transicold, Daikin and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Climate Control.

Our AN192 chipset is embedded into the remote monitoring modem (RMM) in the reefer controller for each refrigerated container. These controllers are networked via the ship's powerlines to a centralized monitoring unit at the bridge of the ship, which records and compiles temperature data throughout the voyage.

Adaptive's groundbreaking work created the original High Data Rate standard for reefers in 1992, which is now the ISO 10368:2006 update. This technology continues to serve this highly specialized market well after 20-plus years.