To maintain a productive and safe operation, a mine site must be continually optimized from a number of perspectives. Situational awareness and safety must be monitored 24/7. Exacting remote control and monitoring is needed for mining machinery and systems — including continuous miners, longwall shearers, shuttle cars and ventilation systems.

Field-proven mining solutions. With no new wires.

Tapping into decades of experience with powerline-driven communications and control, Adaptive Networks designs robust networks that provide mission-critical, real-time data transfer and clear reliable communications — in harsh mining environments where dedicated wiring or an RF-based system is not feasible.

Whether an operation is engaged in surface mining and/or underground mining, Adaptive Networks medium voltage (MV) solutions for powerline communications provide the requisite performance and durability. Core components include self-contained standalone MV modems and MV couplers, housed in stainless steel enclosures to withstand harsh mining environments.

Specific features we offer include outbye and rolling stock communications, redundant broadband and narrowband alternatives and umbilical networks — along with control networks for material handling and unmanned surface vehicles.