The offshore oil and gas production industry is characterized by the intense demands of continuous 24/7 operation. It is simply not physically possible to run the actual production system — over of kilometers of cable with actual equipment connected — until it is deployed subsea. The communications system must therefore be effectively simulated in advance to operate from the outset, in order to ensure high reliability and performance in this demanding environment.

Pre-modeled subsea solutions. With no new wires.

Using our proprietary InSite™simulation tools, Adaptive Networks can accurately project how fast, far and reliable our solution will be for a specific subsea application communicating over long-distance umbilical cables. Providing both software and hardware simulators to simulate operating conditions over umbilical cables, Adaptive enables customers to verify powerline network performance prior to actual deployment — and before major implementation investments.

An integrated Adaptive Networks solution becomes the heart of a distributed control system (DCS) to maximize productivity and profitability while minimizing downtime. For communications over umbilicals, presently deployed at length ranges of up to 70 km and growing, our AN1000 products perform a crucial role in the deterministic control of mission-critical, ocean-floor instrumentation — while providing uncompromised bidirectional subsea-to-topside connectivity for users, systems and components.

Specific advantages we provide for both subsea and downhole production include simultaneous multiple pair communications under crosstalk, dual redundant segregated systems, the ability to manage variable frequencies over long distances, simultaneous operation of legacy systems, and redundant broadband and narrowband networks for added assurance.