Reliable bidirectional network communication is more crucial than ever for the 24/7 monitoring and control of infrastructure and equipment. This is especially true for companies operating in harsh environments, where the economic consequences of system failures can be severe. The need for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) will also continue to intensify as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) becomes more widespread.

In 1983, Adaptive Networks was founded on the idea that existing powerlines can be effectively utilized to provide industrial-strength communications. For over 30 years, this "no new wires" approach has made Adaptive Networks the leading global provider of devices and systems for industrial powerline communications. Today, Adaptive Networks continues to enhance and expand our product portfolio and intellectual property foundation, while serving a diverse and demanding set of OEMs, system integrators, system engineers, distributors and end-users.

Collaborating closely with customers
to address real-world challenges.

At Adaptive Networks, our world-class products are augmented by decades of knowledge and experience in field application engineering. By working closely with customers in the all-important evaluation phase, we're able to develop solutions that are optimized to the needs of an individual application, ready to address its unique inherent challenges, and fine-tuned to work flawlessly with our customers' existing systems from the outset.

Ensuring application success.
The added value of InSite™.

In 2003, Adaptive Networks developed InSite: a set of simulation tools for communications over impaired media. With this proprietary technology, Adaptive Networks can accurately project how fast, how far and how reliable a communications solution will be for a specific target environment.

Providing both software and hardware simulators to simulate operating conditions, Adaptive Networks enables our customers to verify powerline network performance prior to actual deployment — and before major implementation investments.

Based on our extensive development and application experience, the benefits of InSite have informed the development of the entire Adaptive Networks product portfolio. Through pre-design modeling of parameters such as noise, distortion, and channel crosstalk, InSite helps customers save time and money while minimizing risk. This enables an enterprise to confidently commit to a network implementation.